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AltraShift is the leading portal to hire top verified packers and movers in India, the USA, and UAE. We enlist packers by checking their safe experience and expertise in all locations very strictly from our professionals and listed to help our beloved users to compare and pick the perfect packers and movers in any city that meets their budget and requirements.

One Stop Solutions for your Moving Needs

We have seen people facing problem while choosing packers and movers for their relocation services.AltraShift has come up with solutions to provide quick pick and comparing prices for their moving needs. This platform helps every individual and business connect to companies for a wide range of services like house shifting, vehicle shifting, and office shifting, which provide services affordable and safe.
Our verified packers and movers are skilled and professional to provide safe and secure services with the latest packing materials in loading and unloading duration. No broker or any third party is involved in the deal with our packers and movers listed on our website. Hire our best packers and movers based on their experience and expertise.

While searching for the best packers and movers in any city like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, or any major city among the numerous is a bit confusing and challenging task for everyone and time-consuming. Altrashift came up with an idea to provide a solution for stressful bearing by listing verified and professional packers and movers on the website. So peoples can choose their moving partner easily within fingertips in seconds.
If a person is searching for relocation in a city he may search with the keyword Packers and Movers that seems a hard task to find out reliable packers. We at Altrashift leading packers and movers hiring portal help peoples to select the safest and secure packers and movers. We guide our customers in such a way they get back to us to give good feedback.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The cost may vary upon distance between two cities and type of items  moving as well. For local moving, typically packers and movers companies offers approx.Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,500 as delivery charge, and Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 as shipping costs including items packing, loading & unloading.

It can be a costly event to move to a new home, especially if you have not prepared it well. If you planned well during moving, maybe you can face unexpected costs. It is not about cost saving while moving and, need to save house hold items and costly furniture.

  • One of the wisest ways to minimize move costs is to coordinate your travel and save time.
  • One of the main things you do while preparing to move around is to arrange your belongings and separate the things that you do not need.
  • You can also save your moving cost tremendously by selecting the correct day and time to move around.
  • Maintain nearest to valuables and needs
  • Prepare appliances for movement
  • Set your expenditure budget
  • Compare and choose affordable movers
  • Disconnect the utility services at your old home before you move out.


Hiring the best packers and movers is a challenging job, but with the support of the right service provider. it is easily possible. You can make this job easier and more smooth by recruiting staff. However, it is necessary to find the right service provider to take full advantage of this service.
List your details in the estimate form our professional will help you to get quotes from the best packers and movers and hire them based on your requirements

Packers and Movers are service providers that securely pack and transport our items, including furniture, suitcases, artifacts, and decorations. This helps to facilitate the transition process, as these service providers are our first stop for moving solutions.

Pick your selection depending on whether or not you travel to the city. If you move into town, hire a local mover and packer, then if you are moving to another city, choose the multi-city service provider. Shortlist based on the services given and quotes collected.

When it comes to packing a moving vehicle, hazardous products are completely out of question. Fortunately, before the move, all of these objects can easily be removed. Dangerous materials: fertilisers, paints, aerosols, pesticides, motor oil, chemicals lake, carbon, batteries, acids and more. Anything that is flame retardant or explosive is known as a no-go to moving companies.

Yes it is always possiable to track your shipment with the help of apps and phone numbers and its better to keep an eye while moving your house with any packers and movers .We provide best packers that can be avail 24*7 and provide support upto you get all your belongings safely.

Due to particular reasons depending on the request for dates during the month, home relocation charges vary over the month. The day you choose to move determines whether your move will be economic or costly.

Weekends are the most relaxed, most awaited days for people to move or finish shift work, which makes it costly to relocate at the weekends. Due to the high demand for shifts on weekends, i.e. Friday through Sunday, shifts are expensive.

Altrashift considers very seriously while listing any packer and movers on the website. Before listing companies our well professional will verify their company documents like GST, Adhar card, and Proof of address. We take care of their experience and expertise in the area of work that previous performance history. We always support our customers to keep them safe and secure and always look to retain customers back and reference is our ultimate success.

Usually Movers and packers have transit insurance covering your items such as home appliances and transit loss furniture or during transportation. The premium is based on the value declared by the insured for goods in transit and the risk to bear on their goods in transit

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